How do I add a paint color or material texture to my home's image?

To add a color or material texture to your home exterior image, first add a shape. With that shape still selected, you'll be able to add a color or texture to that shape.

How do I change the size and outline of my shapes?

To change the outline of a shape, hold and drag a corner of your shape, then release. Dragging the corners of a shape also lets you make it larger or smaller. Shapes currently do not support a 'pinch to zoom' feature. If you'd like to see that feature added, let us know!

How do I move a shape once it's placed over the image of my home?

To move a shape already on your picture press the center of the shape, then hold and drag it to your desired location.

How can I change the order of my color and texture layers?

BluePrintz comes with a handy layers feature to help you adjust the order of your shapes. Select the layers tab in the top right corner to see your layers. Then, simply reorder them as you like!

Can I 'undo' my work?

Yes. Use the 'Undo' link button in the top left to undo your previous actions.

Can I submit feature requests?

We'd love it if you did. Send us a message and let us know what you'd like to see!